Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is the method of cutting horizontal, concrete surfaces of various aggregates. The flat saw, like the wall saw, uses a circular diamond blade. However, this blade is mounted on a walk-behind machine which is operated by one person at a time. Flat sawing is one of the most common methods of concrete cutting.

Flat saw technology has come a long way and it has become much easier to use since the inception of the electric flat saw. The gas flat saw presented danger and limitations, when it came to indoor use, due to the fumes. Now thanks to the electric flat saw, flat sawing is used just as commonly indoors as it is out.

The following is a list of jobs that call for flat sawing: road, floor, bridge and  runway work, creating or cleaning expansion joints, removal of damaged pavement sections for demolition purposes and much more.

Flat sawing is yet another specialty of JCK. Our flat sawing work can be seen all over New England and beyond.